Week 15 – Open your heart/channel – MKMMA

This week my service to myself was getting my blog backlog cleared by Sunday. And I have.

I know Mark suggested to write the last ones to show we’re still in the game, but it was a question of honour for me to write my five (I know!) missing ones.

As usual the reading gave me great food for thought and life gave me a few interesting curve balls.

New world

If I had to describe my life before I started this journey I’d have to say there was not much going on, except for the annual family tragedy.

Since I started going down this path I have had so many interesting insights and events, as well as the obligate family situation.

I feel that life is teaching me things or that I am a new me. It seems to me that every week’s reading is directed to me and my specific life events. Anyway I am keeping the channels open, my mind closed to negative narrow naysayers.

I persist and I win, slowly but surely!


Week 14 – I can see clearly now – MKMMA

My little brother was obsessed with the movie Cool Runnings and watched it over and over for over month, to my great annoyance.

I remember calling the story unrealistic and typical Disney-feel-good. This didn’t stop me from watching the film over a dozen times.

This assignment presents me with the opportunity to review my original critic of the movie as well as identifying the tiny habits of persistence.

1. Feel the burn

Derice’s desire to go to the Olympics is strong, he participates even though his original Games are over and gone.

From the start Derice is seen training for the Olympics in the scorching Jamaican sun. Encouraged by his fellow countrymen and women he runs and trains all the time.

Being a hopeful just like his father before him, he is determined to reach the summer Olympics. This was before the ridiculous event that occurred during the qualifying rounds…

Tripping over a fallen competitor Derice fails to qualify for the Games and is understandably disappointed. This failure does not discourage our main protagonist. He starts to search for an alternative means to participate at the Olympics.

2. The best laid plans…

He seeks out Irv, a disgraced former bobsleigh coach and convinces him to create a bobsleigh team with three outstanding runners and his friend Sanka who races a soapbox.

Along with his fellow fallen runners they start training for the Winter Olympics, even though they have never seen actual snow or had ever heard of bob-sleighing before.

They raise the money for travel, expenses and gear against all odds.

3. By all means

Not letting a setback such as being disqualified for the Games he’s been training for the last few years hinder him, Derice sets out the find a way to participate, albeit in the Winter Games. He’s determined to be an Olympian.

Even though the odds are against him -a disgraced alcohol-indulging coach, never having seen snow, let alone a bob-sleigh; one member of the team is not even an athlete; one member seems to hate everything and everyone; having almost no funds to buy the expensive gear- Derice is confident participating is an outstanding and feasible idea and keeps working towards that goal.

Instead of harboring resentment against Junior, who fell and dragged Derice to the ground, he embraces Junior and welcomes him into the team.

Junior faces his own discouraging demons in the shape of his father who’d rather see him as a serious career-chasing student.

4. I see pride

Derice seeks out people who’d be driven to go all the way, and then some to participate in the Olympics, even if this means working with very unlikely partners, even if this means being the laughing-stock of both his country and the Games.

He follows through and so does Junior. Encouraged by his former nemesis Yul Brenner he decides to ignore his father’s threats and humiliating words.

I still well up when Derice and his team crawl out of the broken sled and carry it over the finish.

Who cares if Disney played emotional music all over that scene?! I feel all fuzzy inside thinking of that moment, regardless of the public’s reaction and even Junior’s dad changing his tune. I identify with those based on real life athletes.

Life has presented me with some obstacles of my own, but I know they are in truth opportunities in disguise. And one step at the time I overcome them (and myself).

Om shanti

Week 13 -Put the record on play – MKMMA

The effect of hearing my own voice has always astounded me.

One of my first jobs was organising community radio workshops in Brussels, it was great fun and a very enriching experience. One of the participants remarked that I always cut my voice out off my recorded interviews.


For a very long time, I preferred not hearing my voice, I mumbled, opened my eyes and kept my mouth shut.

Recording my DMP, Blueprint builder and other helpful readings was a breakthrough on that level. It’s ok for my voice to be heard. I can hear my own voice and not crumble or feel that the content is diminished by the sound of my vocal cords.

Once more, with passion

I enjoyed the exercise, knew instantly which music I wanted to record my DMP to. I prepared my sheets (yes, plural) and phone and started reciting with shaking voice.

My first takes were a bit hesitant and not overly convincing. What shocked me slightly was the my lack of enthusiasm. I thought I had been reading my DMP in a very enthusiastic voice. However, when I listened back to my recordings I couldn’t help but notice the dull and almost bored tone that was mine.

I soon recorded a few more takes until they were to my satisfaction, after all I wanted to listen to my recordings as often as I could, be bored by my own voice was not an option.


Liliana Diaz Cruz CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Mirror in Mirror

The music I chose as my soundtrack was Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel. It’s the gentlest music I know, I use it often for relaxing myself or my pupils during yoga sessions.

Listening to this music is a very introspective experience and as the title suggests, it’s a mirror within a mirror. Hearing my own lack of passion when I thought I was on fire, was a true confrontation.

Ever since I started applying what I learn/know and being my own observer, this has been a recurrent event. I am learning and growing and changing my recordings and my tune.

I am grateful for friends who will hold up a mirror when I consider wallowing in self-pity, I  feel blessed for having friends and family who keep reaching out, even when I am too caught up to see their extended hand. I am grateful.




Week 12 – Woman in the mirror – MKMMA

This journey is amazing me everyday, I am sure this is news to no one.

As I was journalling early this morning, I was addressing my thoughts to a particular person, after finishing my writing session I realised I could ask myself those exact same questions. Why can’t you be stronger? Why can’t you surpass yourself? Why on earth would you do things that harm you and “omit” to do something that is of great virtue to you?

I, too fall off the wagon and sometimes indulge in activities, eating and drinking more than I need, which usually ends in self-criticising. It came as a bit of a shock seeing as I thought I had already changed enough, ha! I should be able to observe myself, right?

I persist, I win

I am writing this after I had decided to go to bed, but just as I was on my way to prepare my sister’s spare room for healing sleep, both my service card and Og spoke me. Do it now, even if you’ve called it a day.

I want to honour my requirements, because I promised to do so, but most of all because I believe keeping my promise is an essential step to becoming the best me.

A special shout out to Thomas for masterminding with me and to Brenda for the encouraging words. Thanks to both of you!

Today I start with me, the woman the mirror, to set the example I once expected from others.

Om shanti


Week 11- Do you believe?- MKMMA


Dear fellow MK disciples, we were promised change and a compounding effect and gurlll did we get it.

Oops, I did it again

I should be used to it by now, but nope, I still find myself making the same mis-conceptions.

For some reason, I expect not to be surprised by the changes that occur in my life and in me. But I keep being hit by new amaze-blows almost every day.

For some reason -and despite the fact the MKE-crew had warned me- I am still stunned by the waves of encouragements and love I receive from the whole MKE-posse. Thanks for that.

For some reason I still catch my old shrivelling blueprint almost suspicious (for under 7 seconds, though) when random strangers approach me just to say they think I look happy.

I am not that innocent

I know, with every fiber of my being, that this is no coincidence. I know that receiving smiles and compliments is the fruit of my burning desire.

I show appreciation to all the people who send me their positive vibes, friends, fellowship of the MKE and strangers alike.

I am thankful for this path I have chosen to take. Never did I expect it to be an easy one, nor did I expect it to be a lonely one, but it fills my heart with bright red bubbles of happiness to find myself gratefully receiving all these gifts.

I do believe, who’d have thought it?

From the first video I was on board, I knew this was the real shizzle. I never doubted the efficiency of the exercises and I understood the science and common sense behind all the “requirements”.

The only thing I couldn’t believe was my luck. Much like some people can’t believe when something bad happens to them.

Today, I am at a different stage, dearly beloved. I truly do believe that every situation can be turned to our advantage, however bad that situation appears.
I truly do believe that I have received the means to reach my Dharma.

I truly believe.

Ohm shanti

Week 10 – Cold Water – MKMMA

If anyone had told me I would quote the Bieber-man on the Internet, I would have laughed out loud at them.

Anyways, here I am calling upon people to lean on me ( I know that’s Bill Withers) because you shouldn’t have to fight alone. You know who you are! Although, I doubt that you’re reading this.


Closing our minds to naysayers and negative comments of others is an essential habit to create if we want to achieve persistence. The mental diet has been a great way to prepare for this. Not always easy and very confronting, but very effective.

Some of you may know that life has thrown my family a curveball and we are working together to get through this Stroganoff storm. For people who are close to my heart I am willing to put everything aside and jump into cold cold water for them and be their lifeline.

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

I hear ya, I hear what you’re saying. However, what you’re displaying is not in accordance with what you are saying. This is my observation. And it’s not easy for me to witness this and remain silent.

People have reached out to me and given precious advice bout possible therapies from various sources, most of them pointing in the same direction and all seeming worth considering for someone who has everything to fight for.

But it remains that this is not my decision and I have to accept whatever you decide to do or not to do.

If at first you don’t succeed, dust it off and try again

Keeping up the Diet has been a challenge, it hard not to think about anything else but lung cancer lately. Let’s just look at the positives.

This disease has brought the family back together, after a cold war of nearly a decade.
It has made me aware (thanks to a little help from my guide) of the fact that some parts of my DMP are already realised. The autonomy I crave so much is already here.

But most of all, being confronted with mortality -albeit not mine- I am ready to dig even deeper. I know with every fibre of my Self that I long for something greater.

I want to feed my mind and soul with beauty and light, with prayer and meditation and surround myself with people who strive for causes bigger than themselves and are making efforts to exude positive vibes.

I am readier than ever, I truly am whole.perfect.strong.powerful.loving. harmonious and happy.

Om shanti




Week 9 – Harder than you think – MKMMA

I am not sure what black Friday is, it seems to be a North-American holiday that has reached our European shores and taken us by storm. I could of course have googled it, but as so many shops, providers, great or apprentice salesman tried to make me buy stuff, I decided otherwise 🙂


I give thanks

I have a lot of reasons to be grateful, besides the obvious: I am alive and healthy, I have family and friends around me and recently even strangers -or should I say future friends-have shown appreciation for my existence.

I would also like to thank my fellow travellers on the greatest adventure for reaching out to me. Several Key-friends have shared such sweet comments and reacted on my two cents. People say it easily, but I mean it for shizzle when I say: I appreciate it so much when all of you (you know who you are!) lend a virtual hand.

A special shout out to my guide Charlotte, you always have great advice, give so much… and then some!

Do I have to say it (write it)? Know that I have got your backs too, I am here for all of you(s.e).

We are not at the oscars

I knew that! But even so. I believe it needs to be said. I have never heard anyone receive an award and say how difficult making a film has been, or how one day it had been raining cats and dogs or how acting was fun but torture at the same time 🙂

I have come far enough to know that I can take the heat and I am staying in the kitchen. No slacking for me this week. If anyone cares to join me on a 7 day special quotes challenge, flip a coin (or just comment below). I am happy to discuss favourite/deep/mind-boggling/… quotes from Haanel, Og, Emerson or other members of the blueprint posse!

Love, shanti and hugs for all!  And to quote one of my favourite Flavor Flav lyrics:

Thank you for letting me be myself!