Week 24 – Human/Nature – MKMMA

This new spring/year brings great things, I feel it, I know it, I have witnessed it.

My head was the space I used to spend the most time in, even after years of practicing yoga and meditation, grounding my body and leaving my (worrying head) required a certain level of effort. These past few months I have started descending into my body more and more.

Enthusiasm and feeling

Being and identifying as a cerebral person has the advantage of intellectually integrating knowledge with a certain ease, that’s good for my grades, right? Only, I didn’t understand said knowledge with the rest of my being.

While reading this weeks lesson two words came back to mind from my university days: immanent and transcendent. I used to be able to reproduce these words in the right context with the right meaning, but I believe only now do I comprehend what they mean.

Correct me if I’m wrong (seriously, please do!), what I understand from 24:28 is that God/Universe/Creative Principle is immanent. Whereas it is often believed as being something external to us.

During my reading this morning I felt my stomach summersault, in a good way! I felt my stomach understood this. This has been one of the most challenging points for me since day 1. Not that I don’t (intellectually) understand this or even cerebrally believe it.

But the feeling was missing, the real feeling.

Today I believe I have come one step closer to that third box: feeling, not fake feeling, not fearing, but real feeling.

Into the wild

Starting this spring I felt nature closer to me. From my window I hear birds singing in the morning, even though I live in central Barcelona, close to two very busy roads.

Taking strolls to the beach or spending time with my bare feet on the grass has filled my with energy. Doing this with lovely people who have also decided to change the way they view the world is even more invigorating.

As I live in a city actually going into nature requires a bit of planning, which is ok (we OATS anyway), but even the wind on my face, the sun warming my skin and the smell of the sea is a real blessing I enjoy daily. I make a point of it.

The beginning of this journey coincided with many big changes in my life. I moved to another country without speaking the language or knowing where I’d be staying or how I would set about building a new life.

Ever since, I have met some great people in the most improbable circumstances. I have spoken with these new friends of the MKE and what it meant to me and have only had positive and encouraging responses.

I am grateful for these new people (and some old friends as well) who are encouraging me to stay close to nature to heal and are happy to see me become.



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