Week 17 – You take/test my self-control – MKMMA

3773892656_451ff5094d_oUnlike Laura Branigan’s song, is the night time not the only one that matters and I do have the will to fight for tomorrow, and indeed today.

Focussing on Self-control has again been very testing this week. For several reasons, I seem to have chosen the one character trait that would challenge me most.

Lemonade, chocolate and grapes

Like many people, I have been told to make lemonade when life gives me lemons. Unfortunately, I have a little penchant for lemonade, lemon pie and other sweet comfort foodstuffs.

I have turned that sound and wise saying into a life philosophy: when life gets dark, eat chocolate; when life gives you sour grapes, drink wine!

Fool to cry

I have been in this program for long enough to know not to indulge in self-pity, take a step back and look at my current situation from a different angle.

Even though I have largely had the impression I was trying (and not always succeeding) to achieve self-control, It was almost constantly on my mind, and finally at the end of the week, I started noticing it not only in others, but in myself too. Whoop-whoop!

Help me, help you

When all those weeks ago we decided which were our pivotal needs, I immediately which ones came so naturally to me that the weren’t needs. Helping others, which is an intrinsic part of what I do as a kids yoga teacher, is definitely not on my list.

Today I find myself having to find a fine balance between helping out without forgetting my own needs and Dharma. This is proving rather tricky.

I find myself reaching back to the mental diet to control and maintain a healthy and positive mindset.


I am grateful for the help of my family, they really came through for me! I am grateful for having a roof above my head and a bed to sleep in, no matter what situation I am in. I am grateful for great friends who point out that it’s time to look after myself.

This coming week I’ll be concentrating on persistence, that should be easy, right?

Om shanti ❤




6 thoughts on “Week 17 – You take/test my self-control – MKMMA

  1. A great quote!!! And reference to Laura Branigan?! What’s not to love about this post! Congrats on the self-control. That was my virtue of focus last week; I persisted and I succeeded!

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