Week 16 – Healthy, wealthy and wise – MKMMA

I am feeling pumped! And humbled at the same time.

I’m finally (almost) back on track and I’m getting there before Sunday. I’ve been reading the blogs of my fellow travellers and that has filled my heart joy and pride to be a part of this. I’m noticing so much kindness in the reactions to the blogposts.

I am lost… for words

I think my proverbial penny finally dropped.

I am going back to some of the exercises and re-doing them and I have made some tiny but necessary changes to my DMP. The words of my wonderful guide Charlotte magically came back to me and I heard them differently and applied them differently.

I am noticing how I’ve changed and that can sometimes be bewildering. I used to say ‘oh, I am not a morning person.’ Now I find myself awake, unafraid of doing whatever I have to do.

Sometimes my subby still tries to convince me, ‘but you’re not a morning person!’ I find myself paying less attention to that voice. And when I do, I find it easier to get back on the wagon.

States of consciousness

My world has been shaken the past few months, a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer and at first I found it hard to see how that could be an opportunity. But now I see.

I am grateful for my family being back together, having the chance to show our love to each other and caring for each other and just being a family. I had given up hope of ever seeing that happen.

Some aspects of this being back together can be challenging at times, this is why I’d like to shout out to Mary, I hear you, dear Mary. It can be soooo testing to know the changes you need to make in order to be healthy and accept that your family is not ready yet to take that path. We can pray for them instead, add ‘healthy’ to our affirmation, direct a few affirmations to them.

We know happiness and harmony are states of consciousness

Om shanti,





6 thoughts on “Week 16 – Healthy, wealthy and wise – MKMMA

  1. What a journey.. and what a discovery..
    You have for sure turned some stones, and how amazing that you found a blessing in all the sadness..
    I am so happy for you, and still sad about your loved one being sick.
    Keep going you are really getting far.
    Love C


  2. I to am knuckling down and find things are manifesting differently, by creating in my mind a place of harmony I have time for these important things each day I am honoring my self as are you Najet. Keep it up you are an amazing wonderful individual who has endless opportunities 🤗🤗👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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