Week 15 – Open your heart/channel – MKMMA

This week my service to myself was getting my blog backlog cleared by Sunday. And I have.

I know Mark suggested to write the last ones to show we’re still in the game, but it was a question of honour for me to write my five (I know!) missing ones.

As usual the reading gave me great food for thought and life gave me a few interesting curve balls.

New world

If I had to describe my life before I started this journey I’d have to say there was not much going on, except for the annual family tragedy.

Since I started going down this path I have had so many interesting insights and events, as well as the obligate family situation.

I feel that life is teaching me things or that I am a new me. It seems to me that every week’s reading is directed to me and my specific life events. Anyway I am keeping the channels open, my mind closed to negative narrow naysayers.

I persist and I win, slowly but surely!


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