Week 13 -Put the record on play – MKMMA

The effect of hearing my own voice has always astounded me.

One of my first jobs was organising community radio workshops in Brussels, it was great fun and a very enriching experience. One of the participants remarked that I always cut my voice out off my recorded interviews.


For a very long time, I preferred not hearing my voice, I mumbled, opened my eyes and kept my mouth shut.

Recording my DMP, Blueprint builder and other helpful readings was a breakthrough on that level. It’s ok for my voice to be heard. I can hear my own voice and not crumble or feel that the content is diminished by the sound of my vocal cords.

Once more, with passion

I enjoyed the exercise, knew instantly which music I wanted to record my DMP to. I prepared my sheets (yes, plural) and phone and started reciting with shaking voice.

My first takes were a bit hesitant and not overly convincing. What shocked me slightly was the my lack of enthusiasm. I thought I had been reading my DMP in a very enthusiastic voice. However, when I listened back to my recordings I couldn’t help but notice the dull and almost bored tone that was mine.

I soon recorded a few more takes until they were to my satisfaction, after all I wanted to listen to my recordings as often as I could, be bored by my own voice was not an option.


Liliana Diaz Cruz CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Mirror in Mirror

The music I chose as my soundtrack was Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel. It’s the gentlest music I know, I use it often for relaxing myself or my pupils during yoga sessions.

Listening to this music is a very introspective experience and as the title suggests, it’s a mirror within a mirror. Hearing my own lack of passion when I thought I was on fire, was a true confrontation.

Ever since I started applying what I learn/know and being my own observer, this has been a recurrent event. I am learning and growing and changing my recordings and my tune.

I am grateful for friends who will hold up a mirror when I consider wallowing in self-pity, I  feel blessed for having friends and family who keep reaching out, even when I am too caught up to see their extended hand. I am grateful.





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