Week 12 – Woman in the mirror – MKMMA

This journey is amazing me everyday, I am sure this is news to no one.

As I was journalling early this morning, I was addressing my thoughts to a particular person, after finishing my writing session I realised I could ask myself those exact same questions. Why can’t you be stronger? Why can’t you surpass yourself? Why on earth would you do things that harm you and “omit” to do something that is of great virtue to you?

I, too fall off the wagon and sometimes indulge in activities, eating and drinking more than I need, which usually ends in self-criticising. It came as a bit of a shock seeing as I thought I had already changed enough, ha! I should be able to observe myself, right?

I persist, I win

I am writing this after I had decided to go to bed, but just as I was on my way to prepare my sister’s spare room for healing sleep, both my service card and Og spoke me. Do it now, even if you’ve called it a day.

I want to honour my requirements, because I promised to do so, but most of all because I believe keeping my promise is an essential step to becoming the best me.

A special shout out to Thomas for masterminding with me and to Brenda for the encouraging words. Thanks to both of you!

Today I start with me, the woman the mirror, to set the example I once expected from others.

Om shanti



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