Week 11- Do you believe?- MKMMA


Dear fellow MK disciples, we were promised change and a compounding effect and gurlll did we get it.

Oops, I did it again

I should be used to it by now, but nope, I still find myself making the same mis-conceptions.

For some reason, I expect not to be surprised by the changes that occur in my life and in me. But I keep being hit by new amaze-blows almost every day.

For some reason -and despite the fact the MKE-crew had warned me- I am still stunned by the waves of encouragements and love I receive from the whole MKE-posse. Thanks for that.

For some reason I still catch my old shrivelling blueprint almost suspicious (for under 7 seconds, though) when random strangers approach me just to say they think I look happy.

I am not that innocent

I know, with every fiber of my being, that this is no coincidence. I know that receiving smiles and compliments is the fruit of my burning desire.

I show appreciation to all the people who send me their positive vibes, friends, fellowship of the MKE and strangers alike.

I am thankful for this path I have chosen to take. Never did I expect it to be an easy one, nor did I expect it to be a lonely one, but it fills my heart with bright red bubbles of happiness to find myself gratefully receiving all these gifts.

I do believe, who’d have thought it?

From the first video I was on board, I knew this was the real shizzle. I never doubted the efficiency of the exercises and I understood the science and common sense behind all the “requirements”.

The only thing I couldn’t believe was my luck. Much like some people can’t believe when something bad happens to them.

Today, I am at a different stage, dearly beloved. I truly do believe that every situation can be turned to our advantage, however bad that situation appears.
I truly do believe that I have received the means to reach my Dharma.

I truly believe.

Ohm shanti


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