Week 8-Take me to church/mosque/temple-MKMMA

In our last tribe call, we decided to focus on the positive for this week’s blog. Usually this is the space I use for my weekly rant or moaning session.

This week has been full of small and larger blessings. I have been investing more in the course and I can truly feel the difference.

I feel stronger and more alive than I have for a long time and the work is pouring in! I am envisioning myself increasingly as my future self and that feels so good!

Slings and arrows

I get that life throws you curveballs, I get that it can’t be easy every day, but I really need a breather.

Today I learnt that a person very close to my heart has cancer. Needless to say I fell off the mental diet wagon. I struggle not blaming doctors for not finding out sooner. I have been looking for different people to blame since this morning, and to be fair, I came up with quite a list.

So it’s back to square one for me. I am not sulky or cynical, just sad and angry. And human I guess.


The past years this word has had such a strange connotation for me. It has meant the irrational and blind faith in something unknown. And that was a bad thing.

Recently I have searched the way back to my faith in this unknown. It seems like a cheap and desperate way perhaps in this dire hour for my loved-one. But my go-to strategy -finding out stuff and solutions for the problem- would be ludicrous and not efficient.

So all that remains is to pray for better health and guide my mind to positive thoughts.

‘You cannot be healthy; you cannot be happy; you cannot be prosperous; if you have a bad disposition. If you are sulky, or surly, or cynical, or depressed, or superior, or frightened half out of your wits, your life cannot possibly be worth living.’ E. Fox



3 thoughts on “Week 8-Take me to church/mosque/temple-MKMMA

  1. dear najet, I recognize all you say and I have a similar post this week full of existential questions, struggling with my identity; to be honest, I didn’t mention this week’s news my best friend’s father is fighting for his life because of cancer; it was to hard for me to write down; now I did because you are so courageous and I can’t but respect you for that; if I could cry I would, but I can’t – I was learned not to at a very young age – sending you lots of positive energy, perseverance, bright light and eternal love in a difficult time


  2. Thank you for sharing Najet!
    Yeah it is strange how we get these curve balls as you call them.. new challenges in our lives as soon as we feel like now.. we are on to something..
    I was really struggling with that last year too.. and actually in 3 weeks from now got the same message about a close one having cancer, so I can really relate.. so of course you will fall of the diet.. thank god you are human 🙂 ❤
    Remember that you are doing it – you are working it out.
    You can do this


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