Week 7 – Walking on sunshine – MKMMA

I have always considered myself to be a happy bunny. A non-opinionated one, at that. I have always profiled myself as someone embracing change.

Being a student of the Master Key System has taught me that I really wasn’t.

Every day is a school day

It turns out I have a great deal of opinions. So many that trying not to express these opinions, my conversations for the past weeks have been slightly awkward. I have to learn how to converse without forcing my unsolicited advice on people. I have to learn not to acknowledge by relating my interlocutor’s story, which is just big words for giving my opinion on how I would deal with a situation.

Trying to have exclusively positive thoughts is something I expected to be easy ’cause I was already happily skipping through life, right? It turns out, sometimes, for no reasons at all, really dark thoughts invade my head and spread to my solar plexus. When I say for no reason I mean that I sometimes envision a stressful confrontation with either people whom I’ve never met before of people who have always been nice to me.

Why, then, was I so deluded and thought of myself as a happy camper? I did it all with a smile. I would be saying really depressing shizzle but have a wide grin on my face.

So I have learnt a thing or two about myself. And as we say where I come from: I have met myself a few times. Meaning I have been struck by the fallacy of my preconceived notion on myself. On several occasions.

Change is upon us – I really do believe

For a very long time believing is a word I associated with being gullible, ignorant and not taking responsibility of one’s actions.

Now that I write this down, I see how silly and conceited that sounds.

Since I have started this journey, opportunities have arisen, fresh ideas have shown themselves to me, I even feel people’s attitude and actions towards me have changed. Some of my own fears have dissipated and have been replaced by getting on with stuff, which is a lot.

This doesn’t mean that I am there, yet. It’s still a work in progress and some days are more challenging than others. Today I even considered quitting, for the first time since I started.

But I am still here and going strong. And I’l be shaking my curls whenever a a dark thought enters my perimeter and I chase it away with happy thoughts.

I do believe that any thought I persistently hold will eventually manifest itself, I am changing my thoughts, because I truly do believe that very pleasant chick in her own masía is my soon-to-be me.

I believe.



7 thoughts on “Week 7 – Walking on sunshine – MKMMA

  1. Love this. Sounds so familiar to me. Also even felt like quitting a few times but now I do believe, just like you. Happy campers on the way 😀


  2. Thank you Najet – I love the concept of meeting myself, a few times. Profound – I’m glad you got past your moment of quitting. I join you in the happy camper club – the authentically happy camper – we have work to do. Keep shining and Celebrate it All! 🙂

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  3. I can connect with everything you say, Najet; I actually quit after 2 weeks and was so ashamed – my old blueprint was really fighting very strong against everything I had to do and i didn’t like the compulsory character of the exercises; Davene accepted my apologies and she immediately let me back in; that was my first big lesson; I admit I can’t do every day what is expected from me, but I’m getting very close;
    believe in the process and remember you’re not alone!
    thanks for following me! sending you lots of love and light


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