Week 6 – It’s oh so quiet – MKMMA

Gifts sometimes come in unexpected packages. I received a few this week. I also gave a few and for that I am grateful.

Music is good for the soul, right?

Ever since secondary school I have studied with music or some other form of white noise. Strangely enough it helped me concentrate, or so I thought.


This week I found myself for the first time working, writing that is, without music.

At first it felt a bit odd, because I was getting a lot done and usually I would have some kind of sound filling my ear. My first reaction was: ‘oh, I need to put some music on!’ And immediately after that I asked myself ‘But why should I? I seem to be working really well without it.’ Replied my subby ‘Yes but you always put some music on, always!’

I went on working without music and noticed a few remarkable things.

Silence really is restful

After finishing all my work. I allowed myself to think about what had happened. I had done more in less time and most of all I wasn’t completely drained and half passing out in front of my screen. My vigour really did increase!

Another one of my habits seemed to have died. When I am about to start doing something, I am ready, everything I need is in front of me. All I need is a cup of tea and/or a snack. So I would go into the kitchen and while I was there do some more kitchen stuff and all of a sudden I would be hungry.

This week I have noticed I am not using hunger or thirst as an excuse to postpone work. I am not saddling my best friend -that is moi!- with extra stress. I am paving the way for her to realise my dreams.

Celebrating small victories and opinions

I am happy to observe these changes in me however small they may seem to an outsider.

What opinion week did for me was observing when I really had to bite my tong not to say anything. And I noticed it was when confronted with behaviour of others I dislike the most in myself. The phrase ‘that’s just who I am, you have to accept me as I am’ is probably my pet-hate.

I am changing who I am because I find my own behaviour unacceptable.

With love!


13 thoughts on “Week 6 – It’s oh so quiet – MKMMA

  1. WOW Najet.. how amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing this..
    And you are doing the right thing by celebrating the small things, because in the end that is what actually makes the difference.. you are really evolving fast.
    Enjoy, and keep doing what you do, being the observer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is Great! I, too, experienced this music thing this week…. I have found that silence is Golden. Haha! Procrastination? Kick it to the curb… Good for YOU! I am also celebrating the small things, right here along with you! With Love to you…


      1. I always loved music but my second grade teacher told me that I had the eardrum of an artillery man. I guess that went to be part of my cement covering my golden Buddha because ever since I didn’t bother with it.


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